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Air Sanga was formed with a single purpose to provide much needed transportation to the Rural and the most neglected Areas linking the National Government, Provincial Government, and other service delivery agencies to the rural population. This service has been neglected for a long time and this has resulted in a complete breakdown of vital government services.


Air Sanga has been and will be continuing to provide this very vital link Services and as well as contributing meaningfully towards the 2050 vision set by the Government.



Air Services


Our charter operations are located, but not limited to; the Central, Oro, Morobe, Gulf and Western Provinces of PNG. The Company also intend to provide a regular Service from Kerema to Kikori in the Gulf Province and extend to Balimo, Daru and Kiunga to the West. To the North, we will start our Service to Kira, Ioma, Garasa, Garaina, Omara and Wau and return the same.

One of the highlights of our operations have been the 2012 and lately the recent 2017 elections where we were active in carrying ballot boxes, polling personnel, carrying fuel drums for Helicopters to remote locations in isolated locations throughout mainland PNG.

Though we do not have any contractual charter arrangement with any Government, Private or individual organisations in place, we have proved ourselves worthy and competitive in our operations so far and will always endeavor to provide safe and better operations.

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