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Safety Management System

A. Safety Policy;

It is the safety policy of Air Sanga that all elements of the organisation actively promote safety objectives and conduct aviation in a safe and efficient manner, and in compliance with civil aviation legislation.


The organisation aims to have a continually improving safety culture which embraces accident and incident prevention and makes safety the prime consideration in any operational decision making.

B. Air Sanga Safety Objectives;

Our intent is to ensure that personnel are adequately trained to perform their jobs safely and to achieve this we always endeavor to at all levels:

  • Ensure that prompt action is taken to eliminate unsafe conditions and practices

  • Ensure compliance with responsibilities under the Acts and Regulations that are applicable to the aviation industry

  • Ensure that all policies and procedures are periodically reviewed and revised to be consistent with health and safety objectives

  • Ensure that safety hazards, incidents and accidents are recorded and investigated with lessons learned implemented as global reforms

  • Ensure that the SMS continues to be effective in meeting the quality and safety objectives and continues to improve

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